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A fast and versatile two-way customer communication tool for businesses supporting unlimited users and devices. Scalable, Reliable & Affordable Fully Managed WhatsApp Official Messaging Solution.

We take care Onboarding, Support, Billing and fully managed services.

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Break the boundaries of communication: Now connect with your customers globally on their favorite messaging app on any operating system, device and mobile carrier.









24/7 Customer Support
Create Auto-Replies for FAQ’s
Delivery Tracking
Employee Onboarding
Effective Lead to Sales Conversions
Bulk Notifications
Shipping Alert
Appointment bookings
Event Updates
Customer Account Updates

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Vajra Whatsapp Business

Customer Centric Service Model.

Unlike the free WhatsApp app and WhatsApp Business app, WhatsApp Business API is designed for brands to commit to a customer-centric service model at a 24-hour service level agreement.

100% user Engagement

Subscribers are more likely to open triggered messages from your bot compared to bulk campaigns.

Convert Leads to Sales

Convert leads into customers by sending valuable content in your automated flows.

Get Customers feedback

Build a better product or service by getting reviews from your customers.

24/7 Customer Support

Create live chats to provide support and speedy answers 24/7.

Automate conversations with your customers,
from the first Touch Point to closing the Sale.

24/7 Customer Support

Through WhatsApp, customers can initiate conversations and ask for support regarding purchase details, delivery updates, etc.

Navigation & Discovery

Use NLP to understand the context of user inputs and help them discover relevant products and services with the WhatsApp Business API Client.


Enable purchases and bookings through WhatsApp by integrating your internal APIs to the WhatsApp API Business Client.

Online Payments

Process online payments by providing dynamically generated payment links through WhatsApp.


Send purchase invoice and bill details as an attachment through WhatsApp

Delivery Updates

Send instant delivery updates for your Customers and track the statuses.


Notify users about upcoming events and tasks

Centralised Review platform

Collecting feedback from users

Get More Leads & Sales

Conversational forms - Gathering data - Extracting leads

Vajra Whatsapp Business

The different WhatsApp solutions from an Enterprise Perspective

WhatsApp Business APIWhatsApp Business AppWhatsApp App
Data StorageDesignated environment by enterpriseStaff’s work phoneStaff’s personal phone
AutomationYes, by chatbot dialogueEverything manualEverything manual
Push notificationBoth automatic and manual operationManual operation onlyManual operation only
Multi-agentsYesSingle admin onlySingle admin only
CRM IntegrationYesNoNo
Green Tick (Verification)Pilot program available for a small number of brandsNoNo

Vajra Whatsapp - Business Use Cases

How Businesses can use Whatsapp Business Automation Services



Use WhatsApp to manage your admissions, monitor your students, and interact with them.


Health Care

We bring doctors closer to the patients through WhatsApp.


Real Estate

Harness the magic of WhatsApp to sell more properties with no stress!



Increase your revenues and provide the best customer experience through WhatsApp

Automate your Business today with World Class Customer Service in no time with our WhatsApp Business API

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