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Automate Lead Generation and Customer Service in no time with our Vajra Bot

Get 5X increase in your Sales & Customer Engagement with our 24/7 AI Live Chatbot
- No Coding skills Required

One Platform - Multiple Use Cases

Get precise leads with our AI platform that works everytime even while you Sleep

AI Chatbots For Your Websites/Apps

Bring the advanced bot to your website and generate 3x leads

WhatsApp Business Services

Say No to Email - Send Notifications directly to your customers

SmartURL For Paid Ads ROI tracking

Track your paid ads with Smart URL Builder

Dynamic CRM

Analyse and Organise your Customer Relationships

Profile cards(Alternate to websites)

Show your Identity with ONE card - Profile Cards

Lead Funnels

Lead Funnel lets you track the user journey and lead conversions

AI-Enabled Review System

Understand AI driven insights through Advanced Engine.

AI Recommendations

Get Customised user's feedback about your Business

Lead Management

Manage your Leads with advanced filtering techniques

Delight Customers with
AI powered Smarter Conversations

Easy To use WhatsApp API suite,
AI Live chatbots, Bulk Messaging tools etc
Happy Customers = Happy Business


Analyses and offer complete details about users interaction rate over multiple weekdays. Provide your user with excellent experience by analysing and building deep human-like customer-relationship.

Intention Rate.

Know your users intention with intent clicks which categorizes an end-user's intention for one conversation turn. Understand users reach with complete overview of their journey by analysing user queries.

Get your Visitors Engaged.

With our interactive tools and customisations, you can engage your visitors in a way that is unique to your business. is the best solution for your business

Ready to use No Code Platform is platform that uses a visual development interface to enable non-technical users to build applications by dragging and dropping software applications to create a full app.
We can build a solution faster than anyone else. After just a few days, the virtual agent is operational and ready for testing. We include a report on expected resolution rate and potential cost savings.
Our intuitive no-code conversational AI platform empowers frontline teams to automate customer service without tech support. Because with, you don’t need developers to automate.
If a virtual agent can’t understand, it won’t be able to help. It’s why NLU is so crucial for successful automation. Our market-leading NLU gives our virtual agents consistent resolution rates of over 90% - in any language.
Better customer experience
Direct messaging is the preferred channel for interactions because of its speed and simplicity. This is particularly true for Millennials and younger generations.
Live agent
Our platform enables agents & virtual assistants to work hand-in-hand, offering recommendations, validating predictions & making each other better with every conversation. bot works as

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Lead Generation

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Customer Support

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Virtual assistant

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Lead Quality Checker

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Appointment Bookings

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Sales Generation

100+ Brands already using platform

Leverage your business with the best in class AI chatbot that increases your sales and customer engagement.

Experience our vajra AI platform for

Human like

AI chatbot

24x7 Human like chatbot to engage with your customers

AI Feedchat


Create Stunning Feedback forms for Customer Behavior Insights

AI integrated

Visitor Management

Make Vajra as your 24x7 Front Office Executive

Create AI powered

Business cards

Give your Clients the Virtual touch with Profile Cards

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