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Harness the magic of WhatsApp to sell more properties with no stress!

With Vajra’s WhatsApp solutions for Real Estate, you can recommend and promote properties, answer FAQs, and provide instant service to your clients.

We are a leading communication solution for businesses facing difficulty managing their unlimited users and devices. Break the boundaries of communication: Now connect with your customers globally on WhatsApp on any operating system, device, and mobile carrier.

How Can Vajra Promote Your Real Estate Agency?

Doubles your prospective buyers              

Doubles the ease of buying, selling or renting out properties

Doubles the speed of resolving queries by bots

Doubles your Revenues faster                            

Templates for WhatsApp Chatbots

Vajra’s No-code Chatbot Templates and their Functions for Real Estate WhatsApp Chatbots.

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With Vajra RealDefyne, you can:

Get 5X More Site Visits

Build a personalized Chatbot for your real estate business which Automates your Business with Pre-Booking On – Site Visits. With our Easy-to-Use Site Visit feature, Customers Can Book Site Visits in 2 Easy Steps.

Display Customized Listings

Build a personalized Chatbot for your real estate business to take clients through your listings. You can also take them on virtual tours of your portfolio to show them what you offer.

Do Necessary Paperwork

Using WhatsApp, collect customer information and accelerate the completion of relevant documentation. Such a feature is essential for your real estate firm to assist you in serving more clients while remaining stress-free.

Automate Reminders and Notification

Remind potential buyers of their appointments and send them other notifications automatically via WhatsApp.

Simplify Data Gathering Through Integration System

With conversational bot flows, you can collect data orderly. We help connect your WhatsApp to CRMs that collect data, streamlining the whole process!

Send Large Volumes of Pictures, Videos, and Files

You can easily send listing graphics, video tours, brochures, proposal documents, and more to engage your clients via Vajra’s WhatsApp solution for real estate.

WhatsApp is a great way to share listing locations.

Create no-code Chatbots to deliver listing locations over WhatsApp, the favorite messaging channel of 2 billion consumers, to better serve your clients.

Put your Business Customer service on Steroids!!

Vajra is a leading communication solution for businesses. Our Technology innovations in artificial intelligence helps your business to generate 200% increase in leads, double your sales with our Vajra business solutions, and more.

Simple Procedure

You don't need coding or technical knowledge to use Vajra's features. It's a simple drag-and-drop procedure!

Easy Integration

Each of our services can be integrated easily with CRM systems, Google Sheets, and other tools to help you manage and evaluate your business more effectively.

Efficient Communication

Our representatives are always accessible to help consumers. We respond to each query as quickly as possible and in detail.

Personalized Engagements

You can send tailored messages, offers, or notifications to your consumers using Vajra. That improves marketing, enhances repeat sales, and increases consumer conversion and revenue.

Customer Engagements in One Place

Under Vajra's WhatsApp communication solution, you can bring together your customer-facing departments: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support for easy monitoring.

Enhanced User Experience

The feeling you get with our service is unlike any other. The procedure is easy to follow, and the results are even better.

Automate your Business today with World Class Customer Service in no time with our WhatsApp Business API

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