Put your Business Customer service on Steroids!!

Vajra is a leading communication solution for businesses. Our Technology innovations in artificial intelligence helps your business to generate 200% increase in leads, double your sales with our Vajra business solutions, and more.

Simple Procedure

You don't need coding or technical knowledge to use Vajra's features. It's a simple drag-and-drop procedure!

Easy Integration

Each of our services can be integrated easily with CRM systems, Google Sheets, and other tools to help you manage and evaluate your business more effectively.

Efficient Communication

Our representatives are always accessible to help consumers. We respond to each query as quickly as possible and in detail.

Personalized Engagements

You can send tailored messages, offers, or notifications to your consumers using Vajra. That improves marketing, enhances repeat sales, and increases consumer conversion and revenue.

Customer Engagements in One Place

Under Vajra's WhatsApp communication solution, you can bring together your customer-facing departments: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support for easy monitoring.

Enhanced User Experience

The feeling you get with our service is unlike any other. The procedure is easy to follow, and the results are even better.