One Platform – Multiple Medicare use cases

Automate Appointment Scheduling

Allow your consumers to book appointments over WhatsApp! Our intuitive WhatsApp solution gives you the chance to create a Chatbot with answers to FAQs and simple inquiries about appointments and checkups. This feature will decongest the queues in your hospitals.

Set Appointment Reminder

To guarantee that your patients do not miss their medical examinations, use the Vajra WhatsApp solution to send them reminders about their appointments beforehand.

Notify your Patients of Anything

Our service allows you to automatically contact your clients about sample collections, test results, and other medical concerns. It assists you in keeping them updated without having to worry.

Follow up with your Pateints after Consultation

You may send post-consultation messages to your patients and talk with them to learn more about their health. This tool helps you and your patients develop a stronger bond.

Provide 24/7 Customer Support

You can create a WhatsApp Chatbot for your healthcare business to serve your patients at any time. The beauty of this function is that it allows you to assist your patients even if you don't have a live representative.