What all You Can Do with our vajra.ai WhatsApp Business API

Facilitate Admission Processes

We provide you the option of customizing Chatbots to provide information on your admissions process from start to finish. This feature speeds up and simplifies the procedure while requiring minimal human intervention.

Organize and Manage Leads

By combining WhatsApp with CRM tools, we establish an efficient platform for facilitating Education by sending tailored broadcast messages, reminders, and announcements. Students enjoy a simplified procedure throughout their educational journey.

Provide 24/7 Assistance

You can assist and guide students at any time and from any location. Create a Chatbot to answer inquiries and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with our WhatsApp solution for Education. Students can also speak with your representative to get immediate help with particular problems.

Enhance Student Onboarding

This service allows you to make student onboarding easier by providing step-by-step guides and instructional messaging. Students can quickly figure out what to do and how to do it.

Set Class Reminders

Vajra’s WhatsApp solution for Education can sync with students' class calendars to deliver automated class reminders to students’ registered phone numbers. This is an attempt to assist students in making the most of their time.

Keep Student Reports

With this service, you can automate and send Exam results and reports to students, parents, or guardians on their registered phone numbers.